3.8 out of 5 (based on 86 ratings)
MS Pacman

Game Review

But in the end, the biggest problem with MS Pacman is that it's so very... passive. If you're going to remake MS Pacman, why not make him a little more proactive in the pursuit of his young - maybe turn that "heat-seeking tongue" into something a little more forceful than a long-reaching bug zapper. And think how much better a multiplayer game would be if you could bump other frogs into pits of lava or into the grinding wheels of machinery!

Tips and Tricks

Around The World (Silver) - Every game mode played!

Challenged (Gold) - Every Challenge completed!

MS Pacman In Love (Bronze) - Rescued a Lady Frog in Classic!

Go! Frog! Go! (Bronze) - Fly power up used only against CPU!

Greasy Joystick (Silver) - Obtained a Classic MS Pacman score of over 100,000!

Controls of the Game

Move around with [WASD] keys

game description

MS Pacman, the remake of the classic from the nascent days of video gaming. Of course, the new MS Pacman is indeed a far cry from the old one, but if you read the ad copy for the game you'll see that it follows the same time-tested marketing formula used for decades by all sorts of manufacturers of consumer goods. After all, is there really anything special about "dozens of challenging new levels" or "9 unique worlds" in a remake of an old platform game.