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If you play Tetris long enough, you get in the zone -- and things suddenly start to make sense. For example, have you ever thought how Tetris, in a way, is a metaphor for life? Things starts out slow, but as you go on, life starts to come at you faster, and it all becomes more difficult. Trouble comes your way in different shapes and sizes, and you have to find a way to make it all fit together, and then go on to the next task. And all this, my friend, boils down to one thing: figuring out the best way to score.

Controls of the Game

Keyboard, controls movement of falling blocks by [ARROW] keys.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Do you really need tips to play tetris?

game review

Truthfully, Tetris isn't really the "next" tetris. It's just a twist on the familiar game making it less fun to play. Clearing the bottom line has been done before, but adding the accidental combos and removing a big chunk of the strategy has hurt the game. If you want multi-player Tetris, the network based Tetrinet is much more fun, and truer to its Tetris roots. Then there's Gameboy Tetris, Window's Tetris, Tetris Jr, Acid Tetris... Life is good and doesn't always need change.